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MSN messenger 7.0

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    ever since I got MSN Messenger 7.0, I haven't been able to view my emails. I click the button and the window never opens. can anyone help me with this?
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    I can't say I am having the same problem.

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    What button? What window? What email client are you using? Why don't use GAIM:

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    Mozilla Thunderbird is superb too!
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    Do you use MSN Explorer?

    If the Passport you use on Messenger is set up in MSN Explorer, it will try to open MSN Explorer to check your e-mail. If you don't use MSN Explorer, it uses Internet Explorer to check your e-mail on Hotmail.com.
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    I click the button that says "my email inbox" then it should open up an internet explorer window with my email inbox. but the window never pops up. it only happens on my computer, it works fine on other comps
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    can anyone help? this is becoming very annoying
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    I'd guess its either a popup blocker or something thats in your internet security package, or possibly a problem with your javascript settings.
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