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Msn messenger

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    i have a suggestion
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    no its all right, i would rather be private

    not because of anything serious, just because i would rather not put anyone off
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    Doc Al

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    Please do not post your email address! If you wish to give wonderkid (or anyone else) your email address, do so privately.
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    What if someone does not have a MSN account, like me?
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    then it dont mater then does it

    im sor for posting my email adress, cuould you ammend the post to say that it would be more usefull
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    Those who wish to make their IM addresses available for other members to contact them can already do so in their member profiles. If you click on someone's nickname next to their post, select "view public profile" and if they have listed an IM address, you can see it there.

    Remember, we also have a Private Message feature here. It's not like IM, but if you want to talk to members and get to know them better on a more personal level than on the main forums, that's always an option. Just note that moderators can and will intervene if there are complaints that someone is abusing the PM feature, such as making unwanted "advances" on other members, or using unwelcome vulgar language, or spamming.

    Always be cautious about giving out your email address on a forum like this. You have no control of who will see it and how they will use it (it's a really good way to attract lots of spammers). As DocAl suggested, if you want to contact people outside of PF, using the PM feature to exchange personal details gives you a bit of control of who is getting your address (still be careful...if you aren't sure about the person asking for it, you might want to wait and stick with PM until you're confident you can trust the person enough with your email or IM addresses).
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    Besides, ".... to get all ppl intersted in physics together,interact among ourselves more....", isn't that what we are already doing here in PF?

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    Is that what this site is for?
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