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MSP430 eZ430-RF2500 with Linux

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    As weird as it may sound, I won in a lottery (seriously) an MSP430 microcontroller with a USB development tool eZ430-RF2500 from Texas Instruments. I've already used it a bit. At uni, we have a project in labs where we have to use this thing. We wrote a few simple C programs to make the LEDs flash etc.

    Now the lab computers have windoze on them. I'm curious if it's possible to connect this thing to Linux somehow. As in actually writing a C program for it. The official manual doesn't say anything about Linux support. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Bummer, you'd need the user interface and compiler to be compiled for Linux.
    I just keep a virgin computer to the side. I hasn't any unneeded junk and isn't connected to the internet - It runs much faster than the others.......
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