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MTW Exercise 21.16

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    In this MTW Ex 21.16, MTW refers to box 14.5 in which the Riemann curvature scalar contains a second derivative of the scale factor a for the same Friedmann metric.
    Now using the equation suggested by MTW, i.e. eq 21.77, the value of tr(K)2 - tr(K2) would be zero since K is multiple of the unit tensor.
    This is said, what remains of Eq 21.77 is simply :
    -G00 = 1/2R00
    but this would not yield the equation to be proved since we still have a second derivative of a.
    I'm confused.

    Note: In Landau's section 107 however, the value of the G00 found will give the equation to be proved despite the difference of the values of the curvature tensors.
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