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Muiltiple Universes the building blocks of our Universe

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    I am not a scientist, physicist, or anything to that degree. With that being said here I go...

    I try to keep up with science to the best of my ability reading various articles I find and assimilate the information into multiple theories I have, without any real way to test them. So, here I am asking the science community.

    Atoms, quarks, anti-quarks are they actually universes in themselves?

    I got this idea from a couple of different places, Men in Black movie #1, an Episode of the Simpsons where Lisa is the God of a race of beings living within a petri dish, and some theories I have read about from Newton, Einstein, and Tesla.

    We see quarks as tiny objects disappearing and re-appearing at the exact same moment in our measure of time. We question and theorize where they go or if they even go anywhere at all.

    I was thinking if speed and time is relative to size and mass then perhaps these are actually tiny universes that are coming into being running their course of trillions of years and then ending, but due to their size relative to ours we only perceive them as blinking or shimmering.

    We tend to make the assumption that other universes will be relatively close to our same size and mass, but perhaps they aren't. Think about the Milky Way, what if we could "zoom out" to where it would be small enough to only be visible by a sub-atomic electron microscope. What would they resemble? An atom probably with different orb like structures revolving around other orb like structures. We wouldn't see the "space dust" and asteroid debri that float because they would be so much smaller than what we are already seeing. They would be as visible to use as Atoms are to human eyes. Therefore we would only see the structures that have and incredible size and only perceive the physical properties of the objects of incredible mass. We probably wouldn't even see small planets and moons, just large planets, stars, black holes and other super dense structures that have incredible gravity and mass. The idea I had about time to these objects came from the idea of the Simpsons episode, the beings inside the petri dish evolved at an incredible rate, where they went from neanderthals to advanced civilized beings within a rate of our days.

    So the question remains, are theses super small atomic and sub-atomic objects actually other universes?

    Please comment
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