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Multi-axis rocker switch

  1. Nov 23, 2007 #1
    Can anyone point me to a source of multi-axis rocker switches? Similar to a joystick, but a lower profile. A joystick is acceptable too, but most have too high of a profile. The handle should ideally be no higher than about 3/4 inch. I've tried the obvious sources through www.globalspec.com and have done some googling but come up with only one 2 axis rocker from Penny Giles. Thanks in advance.
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    You could also just obtain a cheap joystick and cut the handle off...
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    That one from Grayhill looks pretty promising. I do recall seeing it while looking for another product and couldn't remember where I had seen it. I don't see an IP rating on it though and it needs to live outdoors. There are joysticks out there that have IP ratings suitable for being exposed to a high pressure water jet. I would prefer one like that. I don't think the Grayhill joystick looks good enough to survive outdoors. I could be wrong, I'll look into it.
    Danger, this switch is to be used in production. I'm not ready to cut the handle off of anything just yet.
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    Membrane keypads generally aren't available off-the-shelf, but if anyone knows of anything I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure what tool-up costs are and if it would be worth it for smaller quantities. A membrane keypad with 4 keys could certainly replace a joystick.
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    Ah, I thought that this was just a personal project. How about trying to find a source for those obsolete Mattel Intellivision consols? The controllers were just basic joystick internals, but with a disk on top rather than a stick. How many do you need?
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