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Multi Colored Hair

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    What causes natural multicolored hair? For example, I have dark brown hair on my head, a dark brown beard that also has orange places, a blonde moustache, and a pure white tuft of hair beneath my lower lip.
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    Hi, I have multi colored hair too, and i have light brown, dark brown, blonde, and some reddish... I have been looking for answers too, but i just cant find anything.. I really do hope you can find an answer though :)
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    I has to do with the expression levels of genes that code for the pigments. I don't think it is really known why this varies (some people change hair color over time).
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    Is there a gene for a green hair?

    I was a light blond (pig blond as we call it in Polish) as a kid, since then my hair got darker and darker and rarer and rarer.
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    jim mcnamara

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    The Lyon hypothesis is used to explain patchiness in hair and fur color, too.

    Another explanation sometimes offered is that the person is a chimera, which can occur in fraternal twins. Chimera means the person has two different sets of DNA in distinct tissue types.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Borek -
    Natural Green hair only occurs only in human-christmas ornament chimeras.... You seem to be the only extant example. There is no green gene.

    Polar bears have hollow hair follicles that allow single celled green algae to grow inside the hair shaft itself. Polar bears that swim a lot make for "green" polar bears during the Summer. Maybe you have hollow follicles and swim every day too?
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