Multi-layered spacetime creates everything.

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Gravity is the first force, and all other forces are just emanations from this first.
Our various 'realities' and 'dimensions' are restructured spacetime. Spacetime can be visualized as a giant totality of an unbreakable but almost infinite elastic membrane in constant movement (oscillating waves: the ripples of spacetime).
Due a mechanism of 'pelastrations' the original membrane can create locally zones of multi-sheeted spacetime, called holons (cfr. quantum packages). They look like multi-layered tubes (cfr. Strings).
Holons can be created on micro or macro level (cfr. Galaxy holons, particle holons).
Local friction between oscillating Spacetime-layers will create other (local) oscillations and new couplings which we observe as Thermodynamics effects, and the ElectroMagnetic, Strong and Weak forces.
Since spacetime is a membrane it has two sides and holons can be created on both sides (cfr. influence of dark matter/energy).
The basic oscillations of spacetime are chaotic ... but in a local holons 'structure' is fixed for a given time. When oscillating conditions are in favor these first holons create new inter-holon couplings resulting in holons with more complex multi-sheets of spacetime. Mass increases when more spacetime layers are added. The more mass increases the more fixed positions are valid between holons (cfr. atom-binding to molecules). We see that in our 3D-world.

By this cosmological concept every type of 'reality' is interconnected with every other type of reality, this is what we call 'gravity'. One move in one reality influences other realities. Spacetime is also a conductor of oscillations, we call this 'membrane causality'. Therefor non-local communication between holons is possible. In this concept there is hierarchy and historical integrity of the layer positions. Therefor it is non-commutative (cfr. socks and shoes). In this concept there is no uncertainty, everything is causal founded. There is no superposition.

Holons can interact in several ways. That will provoke the outcome. De Broglie waves are in this approach significant. 'Field-effects' are in fact contact-effects of holons surfaces.

This approach offers the engineering image that joins GR and QM, and is not contradictory to SM.

I refer for more information to my website: .
The latest developments can be found on a number of pfd-files: [Broken] Pdf N° 8 gives a good ideal how holons are created. Pdf's 1, 2 and 3 show the interactions of spacetime layers.
(Important: I used several names on the website for a HOLON: a pellon, an island, a cigar).

A many-sheets space-time approach is also give by Matti Pitkanen (including mathematical approaches) on: . Matti however has not the unbreakable membrane approach. In his view local elements can still leave a spacetime sheets. IMO it is not possible since spacetime is unbreakable. Everything happens on the spacetime layer. An object (like a steel ball) on the rubber sheet - in the image used to explain Einstein - is restructured spacetime itself. The high concentration bends spacetime of course.

I refer also to Kirilyuk related to de Broglie waves, protofields and what he calls the 'Quantum Beat': Andrei Kirilyuk: and all arXiv on Andrei : ( . Andrei considers his protofields also as unbreakable.

So to me the spacetime membrane is in fact the 'gravity-field' and it interconnects everything with everything.
This unbreakbale membrane has several functions:
(1) the oscillation surface acts like a generator of new entities (discrete holons - or condensates depending from the stretchability conditions)
(2) it is an isolator (warrant for the historical integrity -> dynamic stored information)
(3) it is a conductor of: (A) oscillations over the total system, (B) oscillations inside holons, (C) oscillations between holons, and (D) makes non-local communication possible between distant resonant holons.

Finally - for now - I refer to Michio Kaku: "Einstein also said that behind every great theory there is a simple physical picture that even lay people can understand. In fact, he said, if a theory does not have a simple underlying picture, then the theory is probably worthless. The important thing is the physical picture; math is nothing but bookkeeping."

Some definitions:

M-BRANE: the basic membrane that is unbreakable and almost infinite elastic (stretchable). The M-Brane surface is in (constant) wave movement, thus oscillating. The M-Brane is considered a flat spherical surface with two sides (an inside and an outside). The total value is zero, but in a dynamic equilibrium. The symmetry is reached in the overhaul sense by the totality of outside and inside waves, be them restructured or be them free.

SPACETIME: Spacetime is the Einsteinium expression of the M-Brane in a dynamic sense (movements in time). Where in GR spacetime is not a realworld event, here it is. It's in every fundamental particle, multi-multi layered in every atom, in every molecule, in every cell.

RESTRUCTURED SPACETIME: Restructured spacetime is the local coupling of parts of the M-Brane.

PELASTRATION: One of the ways parts of the M-Brane can interact. Pelastration is a coupling mechanism. The mechanism consists in the penetration of one part of the M-Brane by another part on the M-Brane. A pelastration creates a new discrete (or local) area where the penetrating part (active) is covered by the receptive (passive) part. The new multi-layered locality is called: a holon.

HOLON: A holon is a local discrete area where a least two layers of the M-Brane are coupled by a penetration. A holon is a sub-set of the M-Brane. A holon has non-commutative layers. A holon contains a part of each of the parent M-brane part or contains parent-holons. (Other names used on the website for an holon: a pellon, an island, a cigar). Examples of holons: a fundamental particle, an atom, a molecule, a human, the sun, ... . Check : , and: .

HOLON OSCILLATION: Holon oscillation is the totality of all oscillations inside a holon and eventually added by embedded outside holons, surface-contact with other holons, or by parent holons .

HOLON INTERACTION. Holons can interact in several ways. They can (1) pelastrate, (2) embed (infiltrate), (3) twin, (4) knot, (5) surface contact. By holon interactions transfer of oscillations happens.

FRICTION: Friction is the kinetic dynamics that happens (1) inside holon between the inside ST layers, (2) between the outside ST-layers of contacting holons.

HOLON NETWORK: A network of holons is a group of holons which have on (at least) one level inter-connection which bind them dynamically and give a joint reaction of movement provoked by outside holons.

DIMENSIONS: Dimensions are the results of connections between holons and their perception (relative positioning) by observing participants.

OBSERVING PARTICIPANT: An observing participant is a complex holon structure that contains at least one sensoring sub-holon system which allows him to be aware of changes in other holons or of at least position changes of other holons.

PERCEPTION: Perception is the awareness of the observing participants of other resonant holons.

AWARENESS: Awareness is the possibility to capture resonant oscillations of other holons by direct contact of the holons involved, by intermediary holons, by embedded holons, or indirect by membrane oscillations of parent holons.

OSCILLATION MIRRORING: Oscillation mirroring is the surface interaction between two spacetime layers by which the oscillation-pattern of one layer is received by the other layer as a mirrored pattern.

INTER-HOLON KNOTS: Inter-holon knots are local pelastrations provoked by excitations in a spacetime layer of a holon by (1) another spacetime layer inside the holon, (2) by an outside holon or (3) oscillations of a spacetime layer of a parent holons. (i.e. knowledge knots).

GRAVITY : the local and non-local stretching effects of the M-Brane

MASS: a property given to local areas with a high number of membrane layers. The more layers a locality has the more density is reached, and such zone has less stretchability.

Thanks for your comments,

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If you have not checked the NOVA program on String Theory please take a look :
I must say I was really impressed by the visual 'show'. ;-), Greene was a real movie star, smiling and turning with his eyes ... yes almost a SF-movie or 'sliders'. But what was did I learned? I learned that non of these experts knows what strings are supposed to be and that there is lack of a general design behind. I presume that they give there best shot in this show and these experts really gave the essence of their thinking without the mathematical frame work.
I saw that now the Brane worlds are fundamental issues on which open-end strings tie down to, but that there are still closed strings - being the gravitons - which jump of the 3D-membrane. So we have essential three separate elements: (A) the brane(s) (represented even as separate floating particles), (B) open-end strings (glued to a brane and moving over it), and (C) closed-strings representing gravitons which have to end to tie down. The branes can also been seen as slices of bread (bringing parallel universes), and they can even contain a whole galaxy. Now also there must be (D) 'sparticles' (another type of more heavy strings) to respect supersymmetry.
Now if this is the todays vision of reality I think it's a very schizoid reality. I see a lot of magic. I see no logic line, nor conceptual thinking. The aim - of these all very sympathetic people (especially I like the soft voice of Witten!) - is 'unification' ... but the presented concept is still based on 'separation'. Schizoid. Cut in pieces.
Some nasty question:
1. Have you ever heard the 'sound' of an un-connected violin string? I mean a string that is NOT connected to the wooden violin body? No sound, nor vibration at all! But in string theory that's a basic way it goes.
2. Separation means that you have to explain how the separations happens (what makes the actors different?) and HOW do they interact? 3. What mechanism makes the gravitons leave the brane?
4. What made the difference between a closed end and an open-end string started from a down view? From a united system there must be a condition which made them different.
5. Now if you separate normal open-end strings on the brane they must be linked also to gravity. So how is a closed 'graviton' string that left the brane still connected to that open-end string. By a mobile phone? By the mirroring cigam-approach?

That's not good. Unification means that A, B, C and D must be one. Unification means that all next 'following' steps must have a causal and logic mechanism. Occam's razor doesn't allow to work with uncertainties. The Standard Model works also with causal building up of our 3D-reality but has a number of not understood interactions. But SM is in it's fundaments logic and causal.
Now for sure you can give all type of fantastic mathematical explanations for the separate actors in String Theory but they are not united at all. ST experts look from below upwards instead of looking after concepts that start from top and which MUST explain all that happens later.

So what is the point of String Theory? Like Gross said: "One of the strangest aspects of where we are in string theory after 35 years is that we don't really know what string theory is". ;-).
So ... Where are the emperors clothes? Is this naked news entertainment or what?

I refer to . I added some comments.

NOVA: What is the nature of those gravitons?

Gates: Einstein's equations describe how space and time are curved. The analogy is that the universe is like a sheet of rubber, and when you put a piece of mass some place, it dents the rubber and causes things to fall in, and that's analogous to how gravity works. Now, if you were to take that mass that you dropped on a sheet of rubber and jiggle it back and forth, what would happen to the sheet of rubber? Very quickly you would build up ripples on the sheet of rubber as you take the mass point and jiggle it back and forth. Those ripples are in fact the graviton. So it's the waves of gravitational energy in spacetime that are responsible for communicating the gravitational force.

Pelastration: So if a string is restructuring of the spacetime, meaning: a local coupling of two spots of Spacetime, you get a specific 'joined' zone of spacetime with a 'unique' vibration (which is different from the general vibration). From chaos a new discrete zone is created (as long as it holds). IFF some hold then the can couple with each other creating a higher.

Gates: In our world as we observe it in the laboratory, the universe breaks into, roughly speaking, two pieces. One of these pieces is matter, such as electrons, quarks, protons, neutrons -- what things are made of. The other half of our universe are the things that cause the matter to clump together -- the forces of nature -- and each force has carriers. The carrier of the gravitational force is the graviton; the carrier of the electromagnetic force is the photon; the carrier of the strong force are things called gluons. Well, gee, what kind of unification is that? The answer is, it's no unification at all.

Pelastration: This dualism becomes void if you postulate Spacetime as unbreakable, because then:
1.The carrier of the gravitational force is the graviton; which is the elastic property of spacetime. The more layers locally the less elastic but the more concentrated tension.
2. The carrier of the electromagnetic force is the photon; then the photon is a 'particular' zone with a few layers and a high elasticity (capable to high velocity), but limited by the stretchability of it's ST layers (300,000 km/sec). So the speed of light indicates the hidden factor of the stretchability of basic spacetime. (Example iff a photon would have "only" two layers AND iff a simple multiplication would be applicable then the basic stretchability of Spacetime would have a velocity limit of C^2. ).
The carrier of the strong force are things called gluons; then the gluon is a 'particular' zone with more spacetime layers then the photon and has thus less local elasticity.

NOVA: What do you see as string theory's greatest failure?

Weinberg: A disappointing aspect of string theory is that it has so far failed to shed any light at all on what is probably the biggest outstanding problem in the physics of what we can actually see in nature -- the failure to understand the energy of empty space, the so-called cosmological constant. If you try to calculate the energy in empty space, taking into account only fluctuations in fields of wavelengths where we understand the physics, you get an incredibly large energy, much too large to possibly fit what we know about the expansion of the universe. There must be some complicated cancellations that make the energy in empty space very small.

String theory provides not the slightest shred of insight as to why the energy of empty space is as low as it experimentally seems to be. And that's precisely the kind of thing that one would think string theory would be able to help with. I'd say that's the biggest disappointment so far, that in the one area where you might expect some kind of quantitative general idea to come out of string theory that might actually be useful, it has failed to provide it.

Pelastration: The basic spacetime brane has two sides. So conceptual you have on each side of the brane the reversed movement of the oscillation (cfr. waves in a moving table napkin). If ripples couple on side A to a local new doubled layered zone ... it has a deformational effect on the other side (B) of the brane. Now on side B the spacetime peaks can also couple! That will influence the couple possibilities on side A. Now if our 3D world is on the A-side then we have no way to understand what happens (building up) on the other side of the brane .... but we will feel it's gravitational effects! Maybe we will call that Dark Matter or Dark force.
Gross: The big bang theory is the idea that if we go back early enough in the history of the universe -- and we can do this, of course, by looking at starlight coming to us from billions of years ago -- we will see a very hot and dense period where the universe was much smaller, denser, and hotter. And that explosion or hot state left remnants that we can observe today in the microwave background. So we know that that aspect of the theory is true.

If we push back even farther, that hotter or denser state becomes even hotter and denser. And if we extrapolate using Einstein's theory of general relativity, we find total disaster. That is, we find a singularity, in which the forces that act on particles become infinitely strong. Things break down completely, and the theory no longer makes sense.

Our conclusion is not that the universe doesn't make sense, but that the equations are wrong. They're applicable maybe at later times, but they're not applicable at the beginning of the universe. So we desperately need something like string theory appears to be -- a theory that is consistent.

Pelastration: If you see that apparent singularity as two spacetime zones (hyperspaces) which couple (one active male pelastrating a passive female) you have a tremendous kinetic effect which has the effect of a big bang. Thus you get the creation of a micro or macro universe with new properties (depending from the interactions between the now joined hyperspaces). Compare it with a hand going into a glove. Now your hand has new properties: you can take a hot plate without burning. But if the glove is too small it hurts also and you will remove it. Meaning a coupling must respect certain parameters.
continue ...
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... if you still want to continu ...

NOVA: Basically you need a theory that's going to work under those conditions.

Gross: Yes, and one that can provide an answer to questions that with our present theories we can't dream of answering, such as: How does the universe begin? What starts it off? What is the state of the universe at the beginning? Is that unique or arbitrary? Who fixes the initial conditions? There are questions that can't be answered within the standard theory. We're not sure that string theory, or any theory, could provide answers to the beginning of the universe, but it's a goal that many of us are desperate to try to reach.

NOVA: When you say physicists don't understand string theory, what do you mean?

Gross: One of the strangest aspects of where we are in string theory after 35 years is that we don't really know what string theory is. There are all these people working on string theory and doing wonderful things, sometimes answering old problems, sometimes coming up with new scenarios. But if you really ask them, "What is string theory?" they'll give you a glib remark, a glib description, and describe certain of its aspects. If you ask them again, "What is string theory?" if they're honest they'll say, "Well, we don't know." We have this incredibly powerful set of tools and methods that describe this intellectual structure, and yet we really don't know what lies at the core of that, what the unifying principles are, what the theory actually is that has all of these different aspects that we can partially describe.

Pelastration: So there is no basic design or even an idea of a design. In our approach there is a simple engineering mechanism that confirms (or predicts) elements of GR, QM, String and SM.
NOVA: Can you give us an example of something concrete that string theory does for physics that goes beyond previous theories?

Witten: In Einstein's general relativity the structure of space can change but not its topology. Topology is the property of something that doesn't change when you bend it or stretch it as long as you don't break anything. You can imagine a bowling ball and you can imagine a coffee cup that has a handle -- the coffee cup is different topologically because there's a handle. Even if you could bend it or stretch it, as long as you don't break it, it's still got that handle, which makes it topologically different.

There was a long history of speculation that in quantum gravity, unlike Einstein's classical theory, it might be possible for the topology of spacetime to change. And it turned out in string theory in the late '80s and early '90s we actually were able to calculate examples where you could really see changes in the topology of spacetime. That was fun because it was very concrete -- you could understand it pretty well. And it illustrated how the theory went beyond Einstein's general relativity as understood before in a very nice and down-to-earth way.

NOVA: How does string theory allow you to change the topology of spacetime?

Witten: Quantum mechanics brought an unexpected fuzziness into physics because of quantum uncertainty, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. String theory does so again because a point particle is replaced by a string, which is more spread out. And even though it's a naïve statement, it leads in the right direction: when we study it more deeply, we find that in string theory, spacetime becomes fuzzy.

So imagine now we have this coffee cup. If the handle is big enough, you can see it's there. But if you had a very small handle, because of the fuzziness of spacetime, you couldn't tell if it was there or not. Then it could disappear. That fuzziness of spacetime leads to the possibility that the topology can change.

Pelastration: So in String theory spacetime becomes fuzzy. Now if some of those fuzzy spacetime parts couple locally you get a quantum package (with unique properties ... like we see in the various particles of the Standard Model). But of course coupling unbreakable layers means non-commutativity (socks and shoes).

Witten: The theory has to be interpreted that extra dimensions beyond the ordinary four dimensions the three spatial dimensions plus time are sufficiently small that they haven't been observed yet. So we would hope to test the theory, conceivably directly at accelerators. I suspect that's a long shot. More likely we'll do it indirectly by making more precise calculations about elementary particles based on the existence of extra dimensions.

Pelastration: In our approach we get that each discrete zone has multi-layers of spacetime. We can visualize those as other dimensions, as the Russian dolls. But each doll has a number of hidden dimensions which are combined inside the doll.

NOVA: Do you think extra dimensions actually exist, or are they a mathematical device?

Witten: If I take the theory as we have it now, literally, I would conclude that extra dimensions really exist. They're part of nature. We don't really know how big they are yet, but we hope to explore that in various ways. They're beyond our ordinary experience just like atomic nuclei are. On the other hand, we don't understand the theory too completely, and because of this fuzziness of spacetime, the very concept of spacetime and spacetime dimensions isn't precisely defined. I suspect that the fuzziness of spacetime will play more of a role in the eventual answer than we understand now.

NOVA: If these extra dimensions exist, does string theory offer any explanation of why there are apparently three space dimensions larger than the rest?

Witten: That's a big problem that has to be explained. As of now, string theorists have no explanation of why there are three large dimensions as well as time, and the other dimensions are microscopic. Proposals about that have been all over the map.

Pelastration: The couplings to local multi-layered spacetime zones happens on large cosmic levels but also on microscopic levels. The engineering mechanism is the same. The coupled inside layers oscillate and may created new 'standing waves' types of excitation which may create on each side of the encapsulated spacetime layers new couplings. The condition is very simple: are the local spacetime layers still flexible enough to make a new pelastration or another type of joint possible.

That's for now. Thanks for reading.
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Another strange point of String theory is that spacetime (or the brane) can be teared in pieces. Why would that happen? Why would branes 'intersect'? Why gravitons (closed strings) would leave the brane ... leaving without connections? That's schizoid behavior.

On the other hand I think it's logic that if you presume Hawking' singularity to be correct you can also say that everything that happened after that is 'restructured' singularity. That means that you don't visualize the big bang explosion as a 'separation process' creating all independent loose pieces which occasionally interact in chaos but as oscillating parts of that singularity. IFF specific conditions of chaos are attained then holding couplings between those oscillating parts can occur.
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You are tossing to much out - Way to much to digest.
Tell ya what - Lets start by eating the Mama brane and go from there.
What is a Mama brane?
How did it arrive?
What does it do?
When did this happen?
Why did this happen?
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Originally posted by UltraPi1
You are tossing to much out - Way to much to digest.
Tell ya what - Lets start by eating the Mama brane and go from there.
What is a Mama brane?
How did it arrive?
What does it do?
When did this happen?
Why did this happen?
Thanks UltraPi1.
To make all a little more simple please download three (mostly image) pdfs from my website. I think the most essentials are 1, 2 and 8. If you have seen them you will understand - without math's - my concept of many-layered spacetime. Once you have the conceptual image we can discuss more easy. Then I propose we go point by point in detail. Is that OK to you?
The link to the webpage with the pdf's: [Broken]
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This was posted on : [Broken]
If you are interested in the pelastration concept this will give you some additional information.


You will not find in the literature this view on interconnectivity in holons
or on M-fields.

This holon-concept is one of the consequences of my approach that the
Universe started with an unbreakable and super-elastic membrane in a
sphere shape. The unbreakable membrane has all kind of movements
and the membrane surface has crests and troughs. Peaks and valleys.
The basic peaks are not holons, they are still part of the pure membrane.
When a part of this membrane (a peak) 'fully penetrates' another part
(second peak) a new double layered 'unity' is created: a holon (which
holds in that new unity - PARTLY - two different parts of the original
source). You can say that 0 (zero) has locally a new spot H that contains
a combined a minus part and plus part of the membrane.

0 = 0
0 = 0 + 0
0 = 0 + [restructured zero]
0 = 0 + [(-1)+(+1)]
0 = 0 + [holon].

This way of "creation by restructured membrane" was never described in
such an engineering way, although you can see the descriptions of an
Universal sphere in for example the Tathagata Womb in the Lankavatara

The new logic is however bullet-proof. On the designs you can see how
interconnectivity of all aspects in nature and meta-physics are related to
each other. This inter-connectivity acts as the effect that we call: gravity.
The move in one holon (as sub-part of the basic membrane) will have an
influence on ANY OTHER holon of the universe, because they all contain
a miniscule part of the basic membrane. Of course the inter-connectivity
follows indirect ways in complex holons like humans and animals, but
also in cosmic scale. But in fact you can see that even a particle in your
Jupiter-finger is related to a gas-molecule in the Alpha Centaurs system,
but the gravity/membrane interconnection goes over the gravity-system
of Earth, not direct.

Conceptual you can say that the basic membrane is genderless. Neutral.
But by movement it becomes: hermaphrodite, it receives the potency of
duality, it can manifests itself in two ways: in a PASSIVE and in an ACTIVE

! This ability/potency (0 = 0 + [holon]) exists EVERYWHERE on the basic
membrane: in the micro and in the macro. As above, so below. And thus
also: in EACH holon new sub-holons can be created on the layered

Once the first holons are created we see that they CAN interact in a dual
way. Active or passive. Every ASPECT contains duality in potency.
(Now on psychological level you have the two components that drives
people, and polarity in all aspects of science, nature and metaphysics)

Duality brings us thus: Father-holons and Mother-holons.
Father-holons are phallic and penetrate. They are active. This give a
centric positioning of the F-holon inside the M-holon.
Mother-holons are vulval and receptive. They are passive. They surround
the F-holon.
So when a part of a F-holon penetrates "fully" a M-holon a new Child-
holon is created in which characteristics of the M-holon and the F-holon
are joined. They are layered over one another.
The C-holon will have internally sub-membranes coming from the F-
and M-holon. These multi-layers in the C-Holon move over each other:

That friction in the C-holon is different from the oscillations of the F-
holon and M-holon since it is a pressure coupling of F-oscillations and
M-oscillations. Depending from the internal pressure inside the C-holon
you will have tight or lossy inter-friction. The internal F-membrane and
M-membrane have each there own oscillations and TOGETHER they find
a new balance: interfering oscillations (cfr. interfering waves in physics).
They act in the C-holon as ONE. So the total C-holon system has now a
unique resonance. To an outside observer the holon is a SEPARATE
system because - indeed - it behaves as a unique system.

When you analyze our world with this approach you can explain:
everything, every process. From: the creation of mass, matter and
energy transformations, fundamental particles, religion, art, knowledge
storage and consciousness, homeopathy, sex, love, ... etc.

Now you will understand better that I am rejecting every uncertainty
approach. Uncertainty was created because there was a human
measuring problem which Heisenberg tackled. But when people started
to project his measuring solution for the explanation of the
cosmological events or to explain the fundaments of consciousness
systems ... it's too much. Did "uncertainty" became a CULT?
Everything started from the top and that's certain. Holon combinations
and growth in all sub-holons follow the way of membrane causality. By
membrane causality all holons can interact with each other.
Interconnectivity. Unity. Holistic.

So DocN you and I are connected! Not only by Internet. ;-)

That's for now.
I hope it starts to be more clear now.

Dirk "

The next link will ask if Einstein asked the good questions?
Doesn't he says that boats provoke the waves of the sea? ;-)

One of my paradoxical remarks is for example that Einstein equation is interpreted (also by himself) in the wrong sense, namely: according to general relativity, all forms of energy and matter produce gravitational effects, but my (top->downwards) analysis shows that gravity (as membrane) creates energy and matter. Einstein looked many years for a EM basis for Gravitation, but EM is just ONE of the results of the friction of oscillations between different spacetime layers (look to my animated Avatar).

So it is obvious that when matter accelerates that it will influence (bend) spacetime. In another sense formulated: Matter resists acceleration because of the concentration of spacetime layers inside the interial frame. So the fundamental question: what is interial mass? is a perception problem. We seen that even this fundamental principle is not seen by talented ZFP guys like Haisch or Wesson. [Broken]

Next link speaks about the different functions of the spacetime membrane.

The functions of the membrane (M)are:
(1) a surface (that can create on the spot new holons ... depending from
the stretchability conditions)
(2) an isolator (warrant for the historical integrity)
(3) a conductor of oscillations (over the whole system or to specific
related resonant holons up and down)
(4) holder of sub-structures of membrane (holonistic internal duality)
(5) Source of interactions (thermodynamics, EM, nuclear, life, ... ) due
friction between embedded sub-layers.

more on: [Broken]

That's all for now.

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I believe to explain - in next link on PF - in a very simple way 'gravity' by knots in spacetime (as a pillow).

If your doubt about the logic ... check
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Originally posted by pelastration
... in next link on PF - in a very simple way 'gravity' by knots in spacetime (as a pillow).
I put two new pdf's with images on my website:
N° 9 about Prior-Geometry
N°10 spacetime pillow

The webpage with 10 pdf's:

Ever googled on Einstein prediction about FRAME DRAGGING? Of course that's easy to explain with a multi-layered spacetime. Just let the spacetime pillow rotate around the group with most holons/mass.
And don't forget that each holon is also a unique 'frame'.
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g-uv .. is not equal to ... g-mu,nu

As you know Einstein looked for a pure kinetic approach.
Next you can find the principle of pelastration explained in just kinetic terms.
There are an absolute minimum of actors.

The absolute minimum concept is this one.
1. There is completely closed system (CS) with only it's own boundary. (1 postulate)
2. Nature shows us there is movement (GKE : General Kinetic Energy). (observation)
3. The dynamic system (DS) has a General Elastic Boundary (GEB). (conclusion)
4. The moving system acts like a perpetual mobile, since (1) there are no losses.(conclusion)
5. All interactions and self-sustaining mechanisms must thus be generated inside the system.(conclusion)
6. Interactions imply that there must be structural dualism (unbalance) embedded in the system.
7. Dualism in the system is only possible if 'isolation' is available.
8. Since there is only boundary available, the boundary itself must be acting as isolator.
9. Thus the system must contain isolated zones created by a doubling mechanism of the boundary.
10. Isolated zones must contain several layers of boundary, thus restructured boundary.
11. Isolated zones have a structure.
12. GKE changes the inter-position of the boundaries (joined boundary) inside the isolated zones.
13. In isolated zones the boundaries have interacting GKE-properties, resulting in specific LKE (Local Kinetic Energy).
14. GKE changes constantly the position of the isolated zones in the dynamic system.
15. GKE changes constantly the position of the boundaries in each isolated zone (IZ), thus it's LKE.
16. Via it's boundaries the LKE of each isolated zone feeds back on the GKE.
17. Isolated zones and their LKE influence the spatial properties of the GEB (General Elastic Boundary).
18. Changes of positions of isolated zones (14) provoke interactions (actions and reactions) between IZ's.
19. Interactions between IZ's provoke changes in their proper LKE, thus in their boundaries.
20. Interactions between IZ's can provoke Combinations or Groups of IZ's (GIZ's), i.e. by knotting, by embedding, etc.
21. GIZ's have specific Group LKE which feeds back on the GKE.
22. IZ's and GIZ's can interact and influence each others boundaries.
23. By GKE all boundaries in IZ's and GIZ's are constantly in movement.
24. The constant movement in IZ's and GIZ's create a number of phenomena described in physics as interacting or independent forces, fields or waves but which are the result of the internal LKE in IZ's and GIZ's.
25. The specific boundaries ( restructured boundary) in IZ's and GIZ's create a number of phenomena observed by physicists as matter, light, radiation, magnetism, particles, density, ... but which as the result of the internal dynamic geometry in IZ's and GIZ's.
26. The constant position changes of IZ's and GIZ's create a number of phenomena described in physics as velocity, acceleration, position, dimensions ... but which are the result of (26.1) the interactions between IZ's and GIZ's, (26.2) GKE, and (26.3.) the interaction of an IZ or GIZ's with the GEB.
27. IZ's being part of the GEB are located on the GEB, but add an additional layer (IZ-layer) on the GEB, and GIZ's add an additional layer on the IZ-layer, which is describes in physics observations as BEC, Casimir effects, monopoles, quantum packages, ... or explained as holographic, implicit order, towers, etc.
28. Since GEB is the base of the IZ's, IZ's are the base of the GIZ's, ... and GIZ's can build to more complex CIZ's their is an hierarchic layering principle with historical non-commutative values.
29. The more IZ-layers are located on a GEB-zone the more the elasticity of this GEB-zone will be influenced, meaning: become less flexible (more rigid), also called: the bending of spacetime.
30. The continuos inter-action between the GEB and IZ's (and GIZ's) is described in physics as gravity, but physicists have the tendency only to account the effect of IZ's (and GIZ's) on GEB (described as spacetime).
31. Phenomena (i.e. mass) and actions (i.e. acceleration) of IZ's cause re-actions in the GEB, like actions of the GEB cause reactions between and in IZ's (and GIZ's).
32. ... more to continue ( i.e. dimensional differences, resonance, etc).

Now an essential question: is g-uv = g-mu,nu ?

The actual interpretation of Einsteins GR is that the gravitational field is equal to the metric tensor, written as g-uv = g-mu,nu. But this is not correct.
This brings us to next statement:

PG (Prior-Geometry) = GKE (General Kinetic Energy)
PG = g-uv ( gravitational field, but better described as: gravitational brane)
g-uv is not equal to g-mu,nu (the metric tensor)
g-uv = GKE
g-mu,nu = sum of LKE (totality of Local Kinetic Energy)

We can descibe GKE also as Non-LKE
The total Closed System (CS), our universe, is thus
Non-LKE + sumLKE = CS
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I updated my website.
I added some new pages: on holons , on spacetime and critic on string theory.
(this page has also an animated gif showing how on quantum level couplings can happen. The little red package (created by a pelatration) and those little color spots in the back represent Quantum packages (or holons). I used and adapted some background images of the Greene TV-show on string theory.


Suggested for: Multi-layered spacetime creates everything.

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