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Multi plexing question

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    In FDM, the total frequency bandwidth is split into small frequencies ranges for each user and send simultaneously after multiplexing.

    In TDM, I was wondering is the whole bandwidth given for a small time for each user while multiplexing

    And in fiber-optics, why is FDM not used?

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    The range of available frequencies in a copper wire (or radio signal) can be many magnitudes of 10, lending itself to frequency division multiplexing.

    Carrying a range of frequencies in a fibre optic cable is not simple and relatively new. It is commonly called wavelength division multiplexing for an optical carrier.

    Since the frequencies of light are so much higher, time division multiplexing allows many more channels to be carried than radio frequencies.

    Wikipedia - Fiber-optic communication
    Wikipedia - Time-division multiplexing
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