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Multi - Verse is true

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    Ok, so it is still purly speculation, and an unprovable argument, there is a reason I am not a theoretical physicest or astronomer, I can argue that 10^100 m from here is a giant cow that eats grass off a tiny planet orbiting a binary black hole system, nobody can prove me wrong, and I can't prove it true, so why worry about it.
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    Not quite. The dimensions predicted by say, M theory can theoretically be tested, but require very high sensitivity detectors. So far, the search has turned up nothing, but we have barely scratched the surface of the detail that is available.
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    "MOO" Did anyone else hear that?
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    that article is really interesting
    thanks for posting the url
    even the infinity-ness of what he calls
    the "level one" type is enough to
    boggle on
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    I heard an interesting interview with Dr. Kaku last night where he proposes building a ship to travel from one universe to another to avoid the big freeze here at home.
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    i listened to him on coast to coast last night too.
    lol meanwhile back in reality we've only just 'penciled in' 2018 as a possible date for a maned mars mission
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    Mars smars, I think we should go back to the moon first.
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    i think we should have been there all this time
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