Multidimensional Space Time

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I just wanted to know that do u guys think that Multidimensional Space Time can exist. I know the theories can permit this but i am curious to what it would be like in a place having 2/3 D Time matrix. How will onw relate to an event. I also wanted to know that whether any of u guys can suggest a Book/Article which can clarify the problem of Multidimensional Space Time.

Girish Aneja

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If I understand you then yes I do. If we can move in 3 space dimensions with no ill effects why can't others move in 3 time dimensions with no ill effects? It is a difficult concept to grasp but I kind of think if it like the book Flatland. There are creatures that think there is no third space dimension so essentially there is no up and down. They actually cannot conceptualize being above or below someone.

Much in the same way we cannot conceptualize moving in time in a different direction than forward. Maybe there is such a thing as moving sideways in time or over in time. I really don't know what those things may mean but that doesn't mean it can't exist.

It is a little mind boggling to say the least. OF course I am sure this will bring a barrage of people talking of causality and stuff like that but think of someone in Flatland. I am sure they have some kind of causal problems with trying to go above or below things.
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Some twelve years ago, the question about multidimensional cosmologies (Demianski, Sokolowski et al.) was a very actual topic, related with the Kaluza-Klein theories. Some authors did in fact consider these extensions to solve the Einstein equations, and they usually obtained the dimensional reduction. It is a plausible assumption, though we will probably never be able to precise the exact space where we live in.
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multidimensional time/space

The book is by Michio Kaku...can't remember the title. Shouldn't be too hard to find, though. mrmason
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The book is by Michio Kaku...can't remember the title. Shouldn't be too hard to find, though
Hyperspace is the name of the book I think.
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Our universe has an endless ensemble of the dimenmensions coming from amount of objects inwardly it. This effect of equivalence of Space- Energy - Time.

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