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Multilayer thickness

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    I am doing research on TiAlSiN coatings. The coatings are multilayers of crystalline TiN and amorphous (Al,Si)N. The thickness of each layer is estimated about some nano-meters. The question is How can I measure the thickness of each layer? and What measurement of method is the best?
    Thanks you!
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    X-ray fluorescence can be used to measure the layer thicknesses(is this even a word?). The analysis of the spectra to extract the thicknesses from a multilayer system isn't a trivial procedure though. X-ray absorption should do the trick too. I'm sure there are easier ways but those two were the first that I though of.
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    Simplest methods are probably the likes of ball indentation, but don't know whether you can get the resolution you want with plain mechanical based ones.
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    I presume the interest is for a non-destructive method, otherwise it would be simple to do a ceramograph/metalograph and measure optically with something like an electron microscope.

    Are there multiple (alternating) layers? e.g. T/A/T/A/. . . . where T = TiN and A = (Al,Si).
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    Thanks you!

    I think TEM cross section can be used to estimate the thickness of layer. I will try to do it in near future.
    Thanks you for your interest.
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