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Multiple Access interference

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    in order to evaluate the Multiple Access interfernce should I find the mean and variance for the transmitted Signal?
    Thanks alot!
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    At least those, though often it's necessary to look at
    other aspects of things like the signal crosscorrelations,
    the protocol retry algorithms / protocol timings / packet or
    transmission burst lengths, FEC coding, probability of
    simultaneous transmissions, etc. etc.

    Basically it depends a lot upon the protocols, the
    modulation schemes, and the configurations of the
    transmitters/receivers what the actual interference
    statistics will be.
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    Please, what do you mean by Protocols?
    I am going to use Pulse Position Amplitude Modulation and correlation receiver.
    and if I will find the crosscorrelation for the transmitted signal, what it will be the point?
    So, what I have to do?
    Thanks a lot!
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    You said "multiple access", so xez and I assume you mean multiple transmitters colliding a a receiver. There must be some protocol for multiple access (CSMA, TDMA, etc.), so you must factor the protocol into your calculations.
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    yes exactly.
    I am going to use Time Hopping format for multiple access and multipath Fading Channel model.
    if you want any other information, please tell me.
    Thanks alot!
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    In other word I'd like to evaluate the multiple access interference for a communication system using time hoping format and Bi- orthogonal pulse position modulation or pulse position modulation.
    So, generally What I should do?
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