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Multiple Choice ?

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    Can any body help me on this question, I'm stuck. I have a picture attached for clarification.

    Consider two concentric spherical conducting shells. O is at the center of the shells. THe inner shell has radius a and charge q1 on it, while the outer shell has radius b=3a and charge q2 on it. Find the electric potential at point p, where p is in between the two shells and OP= 2a.

    Which represents the electric potential V at point p?
    1. V = 0
    2. V = infinity
    4. V = K[(q1/2a)+(q2/3a)]
    5. V = K(q1+q2)/3a
    6. V = K(q1/a + q2/3a)

    I have already found that answer 3 was wrong so I didn't include it.

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    Potential are "linear", i.e. V at p = V cause by q1 + V cause by q2.
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