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Homework Help: Multiple Circle Rotations

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    I have a project in Pre-calculus that I'm not really sure how to do. Our class recently attended Physics Fun Day at FunTown USA. We were each assigned a ride and a set of questions associated with the question. We had a ride called the casino. We figured out how the ride works, and answered most of our questions, but we cannot figure out the last problem. How the ride works: The ride spins in a circular fashion, but during this, the angled can be manipulated by a hydrolic lift of a sort. also, the hydrolic lift rotates ( I forget if it is with or against the spinning device, but I can figure that out tomorrow when I go to school she has a video) so that the angle can be switched from sides to sides. Our problem we have to do is show how a standard sin cos or tan curve is effected by the other movements of the ride. Our teacher isnt very intelligent, so she doesnt really even know the answer, so I need help. There is a picture of the ride on their website

    http://www.funtownsplashtownusa.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.Index&itemid=4 [Broken]

    It is the second picture down.

    Thank you for your time and I'm sure there will be something I left out so just ask :P thank you again.
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