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Multiple inputs in MATLAB

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    Hello. I have to do a beam project in MATLAB. Similar to this: (I just google imaged this)
    Just a simple beam with one or more applied loads.

    What I'm trying to do, is ask the user how many total loads are being applied to the beam. Once I have this answer, I want to have the user enter how much the load is, and what the position is. But, my problem is that once I have a number for how many loads there are, I don't know how to have that many questions asked. For example, if there are two loads, how do I get it to ask the user two times? Or if there are 4 loads, ask them for 4 separate values? I'm thinking it might be a for loop, or some type of loop depending on the number inputted.

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    A for loop sounds like the way to go. First, ask the user to enter the number N of loads, where N should be an integer 1 or larger.

    Then a for loop executes N times (for i=1:N) asking for for load(i) and position(i). After the for loop finishes you should have two arrays with N entries, load(1), load(2), ..., load(N), and position(1), ..., position(N). Then you're ready to do your load calculation.
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    makes sense. ill give that a shot here soon and let you know how it works. thank you for the help :biggrin:

    edit: That definitely did work :smile: Now I can continue working with this. Thank you very much!!! :wink:
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