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Multiple observers

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    In wave function collapse the observer forces one of many states to occur such as Schrodinger's cat experiment but what if you have the experiment done in a the middle of a stadium would all observers collapse the waveform the same way?

    If the answer is yes then I assume that the individual observer has no part in determining the result, either the cat is dead or alive and is a matter of probability
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    Quantum mechanics has nothing to do with human brains (apart from some obscure interpretations - sorry). Anything which interacts with the system in a significant way is an observer.
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    That doesnt make sense to me since everything we do we use our brain.
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    It's a matter of probability.
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    The answer is yes, but a microscopic "cat" may not become either dead or alive before it interacts with the "observer" or any other macroscopic object with many degrees of freedom.
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