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Multiple principal stress

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    For 3 D loading with shear, if I use the principal stress formula, say for x-y direction, two principal stresses are obtained. If the same is applied to y-z, two more principal are obtained, with one supposed to be common, but not. Thus I obtain six principal values, which cannot be used with the von mises criterion to find yielding limit.
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    You can't use the 2D equations for a 3D situation. To determine the principal directions and stresses in 3D, you need to solve the following eigenvalue problem: ##\vec{\sigma} \centerdot \vec{n}=\lambda \vec{n}##, where sigma is the stress tensor, n is a unit vector in one of the three principal directions, and lambda is the corresponding principal stress. This equation leads to 3 homogeneous linear algebraic equations in the components of n.
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    After finding the eigen values, do the eigen vectors represent their direction? If they do, what do I make of more than one vector for one lambda?
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    The is only one 3D vector for each lambda.
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