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Homework Help: Multiple regression and Time Series

  1. Apr 24, 2009 #1

    I'm in a college statistics course where I'm doing an assignement with Minitab.

    I have a one month time series of electricity use (hour intervals).

    I've attempted to remove the season effect from weekdays by index multiplication so all I'm left with (hopefully) is the effect from day/night, possible trend, og random variation.

    By facing this with multiple regression I've created dummy variables for every hour in the day, and observation number as dependant variables.

    So my question here is: In minitab you can choose to "FIT INTERCEPT" in regression options,

    exactly what qualitative implications does this have for my model? IF i force it to fit intercept (introduce a CONSTANT to the regression equation) do i then "create" a deterministic trend??

    Thank you!
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