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Multiple Switches

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    I'm not very experienced with electronics so this might be a simple question:

    I have a tool that outputs signal information through a serial cable. I have two devices that connect with it, so I physically pull the plug and switch connections when needed. However, I would like to create a box with all three things connected and switch between the destinations with one switch. However, since there are several pins in use, I'm not sure how to do this without actually using a switch for each pin. Is there an easy way to do this? I would prefer to not have to power this switch also.

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    The answer depends on a number of things. Can you post more info (datasheets?) about the signal source and the two devices that monitor the signal?

    Like, if the source and destinations are all 50 Ohms, then you can use a 50 Ohms splitter with a known loss to split the signals, and then just adjust your gain at the two receiving ends to account for the constant loss.

    Is the data flow all one way, with no return information? Is the signal digital or analog? What is the bandwidth?

    You have lots of options, we just need more info in order to be of help.
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    Thanks berkeman.

    It turns out that I don't need this anymore. However, what I was looking for was something like a rotary switch, specifically a 6-pole 2-position.

    Thanks anyway :)
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    You can get a box all made up with connectors and and appropriate switching for almosts any I/O port for a few dollars.
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    Really? Are you referring to a particular store or somewhere online? This may be useful in the future. Perhaps I should ask the local electronics shop.
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