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Multiple Timelines

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    I noticed in SciFi they usually show parallel universes as travelling in the same direction at the same rate. I have four questions, please excuse the simplistic description.

    1. Can two timelines intersect ( X ) such that they momentarily pass through the same space?

    2. Can two timelines be parallel to each other but be offset in relative time (ex: 2pm in one is 1:59pm in the other)?

    3. Can two timelines travel at different rates such that they get further and further in relative time?

    4. Can two timelines be parallel but travel in opposite directions so they have the same relative time only once?

    I realize this is a simple description but I have to be able to explain to people in simple visual terms.

    Thanks for the comments.
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    These answers are based on the manyworlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Other theories may differ.

    1. No. Timelines branch off from each other and do not interect after that.
    2. Since they don't interact, there's no way to compare time.
    3. Same as 2.
    4. No.

    I realize this is not like the "parallel worlds" in sf, but it's the only theory that's even approximately acceptible to physicists.
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    Times is enable in same point

    One point, as it is permit to pass many light wave or particles, it is enable in different progress and time serious, but it is only in bose progress, don't in action or femi progress or mass progress. so many interest progress is hard still... .
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