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Multiple universe

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    I'm new to relativity and have only seen a few things but from what I have seen has lead me to wonder. My question is: If the singularities which form in black holes are similar to the point of infinite density that spawned our universe. Would it be possible that the singularity formed in black hole generate an new universe as it pinches itself off from the our universe. If this were true then the point in our space where the singularity is would become the beginning of time for the new universe. This would seem to hold true because in order to travel backward in time you must travel faster than light the same holds true for escaping a "black hole".

    I have no Idea if this makes any sense or if it is complete stupidity or even if it has any relavence to relativity. I would appreciate feedback and any references to good material on cosmology and relativity.
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    I do have relativity by Einstein
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    Hi, there are various types of possible black hole in General relativity, for example the Schwarzschild black hole that is nonrotating and noncharged,and has a singularity with the shape of a point, but is assumed that the most probable existent black hole is a Kerr black hole (rotating and without charge), that has a singularity with the shape of a ring. Some people think that if you pass through the ring you will arrive to another universe, but very peculiar, is an antigravity universe, where gravity is repulsive
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    I've heard mention of things like that but what I find problematic about this is that: A singularity should be an object of infinite desity by its very definition and if it where shaped like a point, dot or ring then that would imply that the object has dimensions, and therefore cannot be infinitely dense, instead it would just be a hyperdense object.

    I wish i could learn the math nessecary to descibe these phenomenea unfortunately no one anywhere near me nows how and my only reasources are books and the internet and any references would be nice. (I only have a grade 12 education but math comes extremely asy for me and all I need is the information.
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    Try a book by Wolfgang Rindler, "Relativity: Special, General and Cosmological," published in 2001 by Oxford University Press, ISBN 0 19 850836 0 (Paperback). You should be a bit comfortable with calculus. If you are not, learn that first.
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    If i recall theories of a Big Bang singualrity have been largely discarded, I know Hawking did his thesis on it, but later discarded it as ultimately incorrect (its in his book A Brief History of Time).
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    Thank you on both points I definately check into both of those. However, I still can't understand how an object of infinite density hasw a shape.
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    Its a mathematical consequence. Physically its kinda difficult to visulaize, but think of it not as a 3 dimensional ring, but rather a circle, a line that connects to itself, and thus has no volume. This mantains the idea of infite density, even though it is not a point.
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    thank you that explains alot
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