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Multiplexer for Magnet Sensor

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    Hi guys,

    My Brother-In-Law recently purchased a massage chair. It seemed to have been working fine until one of the magnet sensors became detached.

    This magnet sensor tells the screw-shaft to stop descending and begin ascending. As a result, the chair's screw-shaft will stick in the lower position.

    Upon investigation of the matter, my Brother-In-Law discovered that the magnet sensor was no longer fully attached to the circuit board and needed to be soldered back in place.

    He contacted a local electronics shop to have it repaired. They said it wouldn't be a problem to fix. Unfortunately, the technician thought it wise to clip the contact legs on the magnet sensor from 1/2 inch, to 1/8 inch. This pretty much destroyed any hope of using the sensor.

    Not to be discouraged though, the supervising technician decided to take it upon himself to solder the shortened circuit to the board anyway and fried the magnet sensor from the solder heat.

    In frustration, my Brother-In-Law decided to contact me on the matter. To put it simply, I have to make 1 magnet sensor do the job of two independent sensors. The only way I could see this being accomplished is a toggle multiplexer, since I can't track any replacement parts from the manufacturer.

    I decided to design the multiplexer circuit myself and the logic works out quite well.

    http://zinserver.provisionhost.com/img/Massage-Chair.Png [Broken]

    The Multiplexer:

    http://zinserver.provisionhost.com/img/Massage.Multiplexer.Png [Broken]

    Now, I have a serious issue. I have no idea how to order a circuit like this. I'd imagine a 2 channel, 4 bit multiplexer is a fairly common item, along with a T Flip-Flop.

    Any suggestions on how I could acquire these items?
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