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Multiplexer in ABEL

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    I have this ABEL file but can't figure out where 0, 1, 2, 3 come from in "when-then" statements...

    "The following ABEL code demonstrates how to implement a combinatorial multiplexer.
    " 4 to 1 multiplexer design

    SEL0..SEL1 pin;
    A,B,C,D pin;
    MUX_OUT pin istype 'com';
    SEL = [SEL1,SEL0];


    when SEL==0 then MUX_OUT = A;
    else when SEL==1 then MUX_OUT = B;
    else when SEL==2 then MUX_OUT = C;
    else when SEL==3 then MUX_OUT = D;

    thanks beforehand.
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    SEL = SEL[1:0] are the two selector pins. The 2-bit code on those pins goes from 0 to 3, and that MUXes one of the four inputs A-D to the single output pin. When SEL[1:0] = 0b01 = 0x1, for example, input B is routed to the output. Make sense?
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    hmmm.... sorta... so i have to look at the select lines' binary code to get the numbers...ok, makes sense.
    But how do you know it's B? i missed that part...
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    (apologies for the spacing of the following table -- no font control...)
    SEL[1:0] Input-->Output
    ====== ===========
    00 A-->Output
    01 B-->Output
    10 C-->Output
    11 D-->Output
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