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Homework Help: Multiplication of 5x5 matrix

  1. Oct 30, 2013 #1
    Can someone show me the step by step method to multiply a 5x5 matrix?

    Here, I am required to use boolean algebra, so the answer will end up only having 0 and 1.

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    Hello MissP.25_5! :smile:
    Let's take the (1,4) entry …

    you combine the 1st row of the 1st matrix with the 4th column of the second matrix:

    (0 1 1 0 0) and (0 1 0 0 1) …

    that's 0*0 + 1*1 + 1*0 + 0*0 + 0*1 = 1 :wink:

    ok, now you try some of the others, and show us what you get (or where you're stuck) :smile:
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    Have you seen the following method for visualizing the multiplication? It should help you to understand how to do matrix multiplication in general. Now please show your work -- you know that you need to show effort before we should offer tutorial help on schoolwork...

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    That's an interesting diagram. I like it!
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