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Multiplication of a fraction

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    Can anyone explain why [tex]\frac{-1}{x_0^2} (x - x_0) = \frac{-x}{x_0^2} + \frac{1}{x_0}[/tex]?

    Is [tex]\frac{-1}{x_0^2} (x - x_0) = \frac{-1}{x_0^2} . \frac{(x - x_0)}{1}[/tex]?

    After that I multiply to get [tex]\frac{-1}{x_0^2} (x - x_0) = \frac{-x + x_0}{x_0^2} = \frac{-x}{x_0^2} + \frac{x_0}{x_0^2}[/tex].

    Then divide [tex]x_0[/tex] into [tex]x_0^2[/tex] which gives [tex]x_0^{-1}[/tex] which equals [tex]\frac{1}{x_0}[/tex].

    The equation I am following misses all the intermediate steps so I want to make sure I am understanding it correctly.
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    Hi username12345! :smile:

    ooh, that's very complicated! :eek:

    just write 1/x0 = x0/x02 :wink:
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    Hey there,

    Your ideas are right but, without giving too much away, there is one, small mistake in this line:

    The Bob
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    Sorry, that was a typo, should have been [tex]+ \frac{x_0}{x_0^2}[/tex]. Updated first post.
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    That's cool. So do you see how the two are equated now?

    The Bob
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