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Multiplication of matrix

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    I came to some problems with multiplcation of some matrices.
    how do I multply this:


    those are vertical vectors.
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    It's not possible to multiply those two vectors using matrix multiplication. To multiply two matrices, the number of columns of the first must equal the number of rows of the second. Both of your matrices are 3x1 and cannot therefore mutliply each other. If you were to transpose one, then you could multiply them.
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    ...and that would be their inner product.
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    I know , that's why I didn't have a clue what to do. the problem is that I don't have a choice becasue I got integral like this:
    And it's given in the question
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    Only when you transpose the first vector. If you transpose the second vector you will get a 3x3 matrix.
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    @rochfor: true
    @Cosmossos: you are forgetting the psi which is in between!
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    so? I can put the psi in the beginning ,no?

    I got the same problem here: untitled.JPG
    How do I make it look like: untitled1.JPG ???
    It makes sense if I think about it as a scalar product, but I don't know how ...
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    Of course not, since then you end up with your first question about an undefined product! You can't evaluate an integral if you don't understand what the terms in the integrand mean.
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    so what do I do? Psi is a fucntion after all Can you reread my question? I added some things
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    Thanks I got it!!!
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    I believe you are trying to take the deger of the column vector, don't forget that deger acts also as a transpose operator (and also complex conjugation), so [tex]\psi ^{+}[/tex] is a row vector with components [tex](\psi_{1}*, \psi_{2}*)[/tex]

    P.S. Are you taking a course in the Technion?
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