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Multisim VS Orcad

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    I just want to know which is better for simulating circuits, i have been using multisim for some time now but my college is giving me a course in orcad -which is pretty complex when compared to multisim-.

    Some people tell me that orcad is the de facto standard of simulation softwares and it can do things not found in multisim but i have been using multisim for a while now and it hasn't fallen short on anything i wanted to do with it.

    so i need your advice......
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    Well! abdo375!

    I know that Multisim is a nice and simple software. But actually it doesnot provide you the option of going in much depth. Like can you tell me if you have performed Monte Carlo analysis or something like AC sweep analysis??

    Orcad! on the other hand! is a full package of PCB designing softwares, you are probably talking about one of the softwares in this package that is called PSPICE. What you actually do is designed your circuit in Orcad Capture and simulate in PSPICE. For me! i think you should learn how to use Orcad. Because! it will provide you with some indepth analysis technique. There is no doubt that its complex but its efficient and more detail.

    I hope you understand!

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    1-You can preform both Monte Carlo analysis and AC sweep analysis in Multisim.

    2-Workbench provides a full package of PCB designing softwares it self from Multisim and UltiBoard to UlitRoute.
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