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Multivariable Function

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    Kinda need help for this question.

    f(x,y) = ln(y-2x)

    1. Find the largest possible domain
    2. Find the range of the function where the function is defined over the largest possible domain
    3. find the largest possible domain if it is desired that f(x,y) > 0

    Explain why two different level curves cannot intersect.
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    What is the largest possible domain of ln(x)?

    What is the range of ln(x)?

    For what values of x is ln(x)> 0?

    What is the defintion of "level curves"? What would be true about a point at which two different level curves intersect? How does that contradict the definition of "function"?
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    domain: x>0
    Range: (-infinity, infinity)
    value: x>1

    I don't quite know how to answer the last part of the question. Well a function mostly has one specific answer for every specific value...
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