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Multivariable Functions & their Integrals

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    Hi to all,
    Anyone knows sites or got online books that would help a student like me learn all about multivariable functions & their geometric visualization, 2 and 3 diminsional graphs, derivatives, integrals, and more explination?
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    Check up on the topic of "Vector Calculus".
    There are tons of books on these issues, Marsden&Tromba's "Vector Calculus" is the one I used first; I liked that one.
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    i had the edwards/penney book, which has lots of pictures & computer graphics, etc in it. they've got a website here:
    http://cwx.prenhall.com/bookbind/pubbooks/esm_edwards_calc-cd-iv_6/ [Broken]

    the site has a bunch of interactive stuff on it with graphics & whatnot where you can move surfaces around, etc. you've got to download a plugin for that stuff, i don't know if that would be a problem or what
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    Oh well, thanks for your help. I'll be checking the resourses...
    I hope I'll get along with my Math course... it's Calculus III, but I enjoy this course.
    It's nice and weird how you go into multi-dimensional calculus, applied all your simple one diminsion calculation... it's feels your going deeper....
    Personally I think Mathematics is the mother of all languages... :wink:
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