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Multiverse and Consciousness

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    I'd like to ask a question to the members of the Quantum Physics board.
    Reading several articles regarding Quantum Suicide, Copenhagen Interpretation, Paradox, Multiverse theory and Biocentrism has made me wonder..

    1) Is it possible for us to be conscious in two different "Parallel Universe"s? - As in, can we live in two universes simultaneously and be aware of it? (possibly going back and forth)

    2) If not, is there any way we can make it possible?

    If our consciousness can 'transfer' over to another universe, is it possible for it to 'get stuck' between the two? Any thought experiments regarding this issue?
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    Closed, pending moderation.

    In the meantime, please reread the PF rules, especially our policy on predominantly philosophical and speculative topics.

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