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Multiverse and life after death

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    If indeed there are other universes out there, one for each and every possibility. Will there not be one that continues, where you took off?
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    theoretically, yes, but it won't be you. well it will be you, but it won't be YOU. (if you follow me)
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    No, they won't be "you". They have a different location in space and time, and that factor seems to be the only way of defining identity in the physical universe.
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    There are two possibilities: you live or die.
    Say in this universe you live (yay!) but in the other possibility, you die. I am speaking in the context of quantum universes, so they branch out like a tree, so to speak. Anyway, so you are both alive and dead. This is called superpositioning. Since there are 2 possibilities, you experience only 1/2 of the whole reality. Thhere is one wave function that specifies the whole reality. For you in possibility 1 (the one in which you live), the wave function collapses and you have a definite answer that you are alive. In the other, the same thing happens (you get a definite answer or the wave function collapses) except you die. There is an illusion of two wave functions, but there is only one that describes the whole reality.
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    They would be exactly like you; same DNA. Do you suppose the finger prints are slightly different like in twins?
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    Even if they were indentical in that respect, they would still have a different location. That seems to be the only way to speak of indentity, since the individual particles of the universe are not made up of substances.
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