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Multiverse Theory Question

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    Hi first post. I am not a physics major (two basic courses in college) but was watching a mini lecture on the multiverse theory that got me thinking. I've seen a few programs and their very simplified Lehman's explanation of this concept. The only visual model I've seen portrayed was like many separate bubbles floating freely and independently in space. I stress that I am no professional on the subject so please go easy on me. But this is what I came up with...

    http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/1889/20120423183559458.jpg [Broken]
    Shot at 2012-04-23

    I have bad handwriting so this is what I've written underneath the drawing:

    "One universe's black hole is another's big bang. Energy, time and matter flow proportionately from universe to universe via this vortex [marked with an "x" at each point on my drawing]. The volume, or change in volume over time is determined by its net flow of energy, time and matter in each individual universe. Thus a universe is either expanding or collapsing. A collapsing universe can flow entirely into another or, if connecting two other universes [or more than two], pull them together under the force of its own gravitational contraction. This network of universes forms the multiverse."

    Thoughts? Point me in the right direction I'm very interested.
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    Lee Smolin beat you to the punch with his cosmic natural selection hypothesis.
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