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Multiverse ?

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    Hello, Im new here.

    I've had this in my head for a bit about the Multiverse theory, maybe some of you can give me some help at an answer ?


    In this supposedly "infinite" Multiverse idea, wouldn't there have to be a place for a universe where Multiverse simply did not exist ?

    Or even worse, wouldn't you have the possibility of a universe where simply no other universes would exist, even itself ?

    If so, how is it that we do still exist in THIS universe, along the possibility of a non-multiverse or non-universe, all at the same time ?

    Tbh, I've not had so much sleep lately. ;)

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    Not the first time that it's been asked:
    Paradox disproves multiverse, says 9 year old.
    Short answer from Janus on post 6:
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