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I Muon / Anti Muon Multiplier?

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    Hello every one, I was looking through my physics dictionary for a machine that multiplies the effect of muons and anti muons but couldn't find anything.

    I'm aware of the photomultiplier for photons but can't seem to find anything similar. Does anyone on this forum know of any such machine or how to go about drawing a blue print for one?

    I can't imagine Photons and muons are too different.
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    Photons and muons are very different. Photons have no rest mass, have no charge, and are bosons. Muons are fermions, have an electric charge and have a rest mass. Muons are more like 'heavy electrons.'
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    Ah ok thank you, well that certainly raises my hopes for such a machine to exist or to be drawn on blue prints.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Raises? It should decrease them, not increase them.
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    Or maybe we could find or draw a machine similar to the photomultiplier. Yeah this is exciting for me,
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    One of my research work was on high-speed photomultiplier for single-photon detector. Do you even know the mechanics of a "photomultiplier"?

    BTW, why is this in the QM forum?

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    Photomultipliers are actually electron multipliers: they use electrons to kick out more electrons from electrodes. There are no muons in those electrodes.

    You can produce muons via the impact of high-energetic muons, but to get more than one on average you probably need at least tens of GeV. That is a kilometer-scale particle accelerator for each step, ignoring all the other issues such a concept would have. And where is the point?
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    What exactly do you want to accomplish? It may be that what you are looking for isn't really analogous to what we call a "photomultiplier". See mfb's comment:

    I'm wondering if your question is an example of an XY problem.
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    Hey this is all really good helpful stuff you're providing me with. I will look into it and come back with something hopefully more useful.

    EDIT of course some people may want to keep X secret for a surprise to reward people who gave them help.
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    This sounds extremely weird to me. What does it even MEAN ???
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    This thread is from March 2016.
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