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Murphy's law of thread notification

  1. May 31, 2010 #1
    why is it that you post on 'pf random thoughts' once and get notifications for eternity but have to keep on checking 'best guitarist ever' for new posts?
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    hi chhitiz! :smile:

    dunno why it doesn't work already,

    but you can fix it by clicking "Thread Tools" just above the top post, then either "Subscribe to this thread", or unsubscribe and subscribe again. :wink:
  4. May 31, 2010 #3
    thanks for the tip. but i was wondering if i could, keep getting subscriptions of every 'best guitarist ever' post even without posting like i do for 'pf random thoughts'. i checked and i do have a subscription for the thread even though i don't get every update.
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    At the top right of the first post in the thread, there is a button marked "Thread Tools". Choose "Subscribe" under there.
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    that's the thing. the only option available to me is 'unsubscribe' as i already am subscribing to the thread. however, i don't get notification of every post i until keep on posting, like i do get for 'pf random thoughts'.
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    You have to visit the thread after being notified - and you have to be logged when visiting the thread, so that you are correctly identified and correct flag is being set/reset.

    But then it can be a bug.
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