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Muscle Power

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    Umm, is there a device that you can put on your arm or leg or somewhere that gives you extra muscle power (maybe artificial muscles). Not that I need it (ladies :cool:), I'm just interested.

    And let me crush hope of the smartass that's going to say steroids.
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    Weights, attach to your arm and legs, even at same time, and over time(when used properly) they give you extra muscle power.

    If you mean a device that applies force with your muscles, or at the same time as muscles, then yes these devices do exist already. They use them for training people who are physically disabled in some way. It doesn't really 'give you extra muscle power' though, just helps you physically apply the force. Say for helping a person walk again.

    Of course, we could always create an Iron Man suit.
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    Well then, looks like an Iron Man suit has already been created actually, that's quite impressive actually. Just skimming through the article I saw that these suits can make a person capable of lifting 200lbs as if it were actually 10lbs, that's amazing. I would wonder how they power it though?
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    If you make your muscles overstrong, the tendon attachment points will be the next to fail.

    Going at it from the other end:
    If you jump off a roof, your muscles are your first line of defense in cushioning your fall.
    If the 1/2mv^2 is too much, then it's the tendons.
    If it is still too much, then it's your bones.
    After that you are defenseless.
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    What exactly are you going on about?
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    It's the rum talking.
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