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Muscles and veins.

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    Later on in the night I notice that my muscles bulge a wee bit but my veins in my arms, hands, and feet really "puff out". It happens in other places on my body but I am guessing it has something to do with how much I use my arms and legs. Could someone please explain this to me alittle bit?
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    It may have more to do with being in a relaxed mode, and the force of gravity. Blood is propelled from the heart to the legs by the force of the heart pump and the effect of gravity. To get back to the heart,blood must travel uphill against gravity and without the heart pumping it forward. Blood is propelled forward by the squeeze of leg muscle contraction, and by the presence of one way valves in veins. So when your relaxed, the veins in you legs/feet/hands may bulge a bit.
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