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Muscles atrophy

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    Is it possible that due to the less stretchness of th inner muscles of lower leg, the upper muscles waste?
    Being a student of physics, I don't know their names.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    No, the upper leg muscles cannot waste, they must constantly deal with the weight and movements of the upper body and lower legs, they are always in motion.

    Much of the 'stretchiness' of the upper legs come from the lliotibial tract (connective tissue), which aren't present in the lower leg. In the lower leg, there is also less muscle and more bone mass (more rigidity) in the lower legs, which allow the weight of the upper body and upper legs to be disbursed evenly and comfortably.
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    Thank you Fervent Freyja but my question is.... if the inner hard muscle of lower leg does not stretch completely, the soft muscle outside to the hard one, either waste or not?
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