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Muscles calcified into bones

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    muscles calcified into bones....

    does anybody know what this disease is called?? i saw a documentry on this a couple weeks ago and want to know the name of this disease...anybody knows??
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    The rare progressive disease syndrome is called "Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva" : http://rarediseases.about.com/cs/fop/

    Also, bone can arise in "other" tissue from different processes. Raised serum calcium levels (which can arise due to endocrine diseases or hormone secreting tumors) can cause "metastatic calcification" leading to "metastatic ossification". Locally damaged tissue (trauma, tumor) can lead to the accumulation of calcium followed sometimes by formation of bone in the presence of a normal serum calcium level, this is called "dystrophic calcification" leading to "dystrophic ossification".
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