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Muscles out of nowhere?

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    I noticed that I am building a very visible amount of muscle in my arms and upper chest area. I have not been lifting weights or anything, where is this muscle coming from?
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    How old are you? If you are young then this is a fairly typical occurrence.
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    I am 23 years old.
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    There could be a number of reasons. Diet, exercise (not just lifting weights, just regular things like walking) etc. It might be rare but I don't think it is unusual for men even in their early 20s to undergo puberty like growth spurts in muscle mass.
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    I have been losing some body fat in various torso regions.
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    What has changed in your life recently? New job? Summer sports?
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    I am constantly turning over in bed at night because I can't sleep. Perhaps this repetitive action developed arm and pectoral muscle.
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    Doubtful. If you think something is wrong with your health go see your doctor. There is far to much variance in biology to come up with an accurate answer over the internet.
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