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Mushrooms and forests of Mars

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    I'm going to write a space opera, a part of it involves Mars. I wonder about the plausibility level of my following imaginations.

    "She descanded on the space elevator. The landscape outside looked like a mushroom field. There were transparent and red ones. The hats of the former ones were big lenses, that focused light to the trunks, that sucked in CO2. Inside the trunks, two different kind of microorganism bred. One produced oxygen, the other methane. The gases were gathered on the top, and pumped to the red mushroom like farm buildings for heating. During night, insulation and the rest of the gases kept the water inside the trunks fluid. The farm buildings had flat roofs covered by thick layer of martian sand for rad protection. People lived at the middle, green houses lit by mirrors and animal holding pens were at the rim. The point was that even if the fusion power plant of the city had failed, the agriculture could still survive."

    I wondered whether theese things could be a more efficient alternative to solar panels, or demand less rare materials?

    "The city was like to a really tall forest, the low gravity of Mars enabled architecture that was almost unimaginable on Earth. The spires of the city had a relatively small area at the basement, there were large squares, parks, wide roads between them. But above the lead-glass covered streets, the spires started to expand into wide verdures, connected by closed bridges."
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    Kind of cool idea. Maybe read Burroughs' John Carter series, to be sure you're not inadvertently rehashing someone else's ideas.

    I assume you're going to have an editor go over it in-depth for grammatical and diction errors?
    Couple of tech points:
    Mushrooms don't photosynthesize, so no reason for them to want sunlight.
    Actually, they're not Earth mushrooms, are they? They have some chemistry quite unEarthlike.
    BTW, a mushroom's "hat" is called a cap.
    What is the atmo of Mars in this story? Curious about animals in pens.
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    John Carter ok, i think i watch the movie.
    I hope a professional translator will do a better job than me.
    The mushrooms are artificial structures, humans can put anything they want into them (so microorganisms that photosynthesize).
    Atmo is almost the same as today (more industrial pollution, if they increase greenhouse effect, that is good)
    Animal holding pens are closed and have oxygen, i think about animals that dont require big space, like pigs and chicken.
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    I find transparency unlikely, but got no problems with the rest. The low gravity would allow for large mushrooms with enough surface area to breathe the thin atmosphere. Giant mushrooms colonized earth in the past.
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    The mushrooms are man made glass statues, but there is living inside.
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