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Music and Mathematics

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    I have heard that music is very mathematical and was wondering if there is a place I could watch lectures on a topic like this? Or maybe a text book I could read through? Thanks for any help!
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    great wikilink h2bro, i didnt think wiki had anything on it.. sort of related to the OP topic, how is it that someone can look at a painting, architecture or whatewver and say, yup, the golden ratio is being used here. i think i understand what the golden ratio is (simply that a+b:a = a:b that is if a>b) ? but how do people look at something , such as this painting...


    ...and see the golden ratio? Please be dumbed down specific lol because im not seeing it , thanks!
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    That's what they say, but I don't believe it. Some of the best musicians I know can't balance a checkbook.

    Music is related to the harmonic series and that is mathematical. You can look that up. But real musicians don't care about that.
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