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News Music and Politics!

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    Lately I've noticed a certain segregation of music from NOFX's 'Son of an *******' and 'War on Errorism' To Clint Blacks 'Iraq and I roll' and Britney spears supporting George Bush.

    Basicly 'Heavy' stuff goes the Anti-Flag (a band) direction of no-war, anti-bush while 'Lighter' country and pop go the other general direction.
    Even Eminem is getting into it with 'Eminem's Mosh'

    Why is it that certain kinds of music favour certain political positions?
    Thoughts? Speculations? Facts? (laughter)
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    Some people are happy as things are, some people want change.
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    Well, the core of popularity for all forms of country is the South, and by exrtension rural America. In other words Red counties. And Eminem is emphatically urban, aka Blue counties. So you sort of see the music is a surrogate for the cultural biases. Of course there are overlaps, and you could do a "purple" map of music preferences just as you can for political preferences.
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    I like Gil Scott-Heron's http://www.gilscottheron.com/lyrevol.html [Broken]
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    I like musicians who are more concerned with the art of music than politics and business. But thats just me.
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