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Music can help

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    Can music help people's mind a lot ? In what way can it do that ?

    Another question I am wondering now is whether it true or not that people like a certain genre of music just because of their mood at the time ? If so, do you know why they change their like to another genre ?

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    Well if you are trying to get over a broken heart, as I judge from your other thread, I wouldn't recommend heavy metal :). Southerners seem to get relief from those wailing "Yore cheatin' heart" type of songs, but I would recommend either Mozart or Bach. If one of them doesn't do it for you, maybe the other one will. There is also the song cycle Die Winterrese by Schubert, which embodies one fellow's response, if you feel like wallowing. Also try out some philosophy; Kierkegaard helped me out, in the day.
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    Thank you, selfAdjoint
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    I have mixed feelings with using Mozart or Bach as to emotionally ease you. Mozart's requiem maybe, but Bach's music is just too.. baroque to life up emotionally. Although there might be exceptions i might not have heard of, i can't picture myself getting better listening to brandenberg concertos. :frown:

    However, it *is* right, i think, to have classical music as a emotional pillow. Better pieces would be from the romantic and modern period of music, such as 'New world' symphony by dvorak or the 'eclisse' etude by chopin.
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    It is my personal philosophy/theory that music and mood are two cross-reinforcing behaviours.

    When I am in a certain mood, I will tend to prefer a type of music that will "resonate" with my mood. On a day where I am feeling energetic, I will choose energetic music. On a day when I am feeling quiet and introspective, I will listen to classical.

    This works in reverse. If I wish to alter my mood, I will listen to a particular type of music. This doesn't work quite so well though. For example if I am tired, listening to energetic music just irritates me, if it doesn't actually make me feel more tired (enough to shut it off).

    I believe that younger people who still have a lot of issues in battling the world tend to listen to angrier music. As I have aged, I have found I often prefer less angry music - in fact, music that matches my more mature moods. But I still listen to lots of energetic stuff when I feel like it.

    People change. Their taste in music reflects that.
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    My reflections on music are sort of like what DaveC426913 said earlier. I usually listen to highly emotive soundtracks (from say Gladiator or the Time Machine) in the off moments and usually jazz music (softer rhythmic ballads like Begin the Beguine) when I'm in a better mood. Since those categories are rather broad, I tend to go with some of the easier listening music (Winter Solstice IV music collection) most times instead of the super-big-band Ellington that I have on my computer.

    It is said by Confucious that music can make people behave well or not so well... :biggrin:.
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    My personal experience is that listening to Bach all the equations I'm working with actually starts looking quite beautiful...call me weird...

    Otherwise I think the best pillow for the heart would be Maurice Ravel's Bolero. :!!)

    I also like listening to traditional Russian music, especially balalaika music. That must be the moments where I want to dream myself away to distant locations. (Has anyone seen Doctor Zivago or Anna Carenina featuring Greta Garbo?)

    My contemporary favorite, though is Alternative Rock, especially "KoRn" and Norwegian "Turbonegro". That's the right stuff for parties :cool: :eek:

    And for some weird reason John Philip Sousa's Washington Post March help me sleep :zzz:
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