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Music makers looky here

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    Ok lets start a nice little conversation for amateur or professional producers out there. I'm interesting in Alesis XGuitar - anyone have any experience with it? Particularly I'd like to know the FX editing capability - what exactly can you downlink to it and how do you edit any effects?

    Also if anyone used Alesis Micron or Korg Microkorg. I have Reason 3 and MIDI input but I'd like an affordable analog synth. If anyone has any experiences with the hard let me know please
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    I'm an amateur composer.. does that count?

    I was wondering - what makes you want an analog synth rather than a digital? Is it the sound quality?

    I'm not too experienced with music production myself.
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    Well the fat analog bass just sounds better. I mean you could play around with effects on digital but its just not the same. But aside from that I just need a MIDI controller, and a combination of the analog synth with MIDI keyboard in one is great.

    Although if you are skilled you'll pull it off - listen to Aphex Twin, he uses digital sampler with effects, and his song Come To Daddy sounds very analog but its all digital.
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    Bump! Come on I need some musician's input
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    I'm taking a class in computer music next semester when I'll be using Reason. I hear it's kind of confusing, but a very good program (as many good programs are nowadays).

    Um.. yeah. I'd start some conversation but I don't want to change your topic since you asked a question. So as it stands, this is also a *bump*
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    Ahh a man with similar taste as me :-)

    Analogue really does sound far better than digital...
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    Sounds like musics isn't popular around here! :frown:
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    Although Aphex Twin does do a lot with Digital, he also makes fantasic Analogue Acid.. Ever heard any of the Analogue Bublebath stuff or his new Analord series.. Prolific.. ;-)
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