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Music minor

  1. Nov 23, 2008 #1
    i'm a math major that is looking to get into a phd program for math. while fulfilling my general education requirements for my undergrad i've taken a bunch of music classes (i really enjoy music). unknowingly, i'm only two classes away from a minor in music. my question is whether or not it is worth it to take two music classes, that i don't particularly need, to get a minor. i'm definitely not lacking upper-division math classes, so although taking the music classes would probably be in place of math classes, its not like i will be missing out on a crucial class for my major. do grad schools care about minors? will it help me in any way?
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    No, they don't really care about minors unless it is directly applicable to your major, i.e. physics and math or physics and EE or something.
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    They don't really care about minors, but if it comes down to you and another student who is equally well prepared, then the music minor scores you some "diversity" points in your favor.

    In fact I'd say that when you have a related minor, that's when admissions folk care least.
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    Vanadium 50

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    There are no "diversity points" in PhD programs given to music minors. In fact, there are no "admissions folk" in graduate school - decisions are made by the departments.
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    If you like music, get the minor. But do it for yourself, because no one else will care about it.
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    The department might see it as a negative that you chose to take some music classes instead of math classes. Especially if they're music classes you don't really care about...
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    Sorry. I briefly forgot that departments don't have "folk" who make "admissions" decisions.

    Anyway, I just remember that last season on the physicsgre forums there were numerous people complaining about the diversity essays they had to write (though I forget which schools requested them). I know physics and math graduate programs are not the same, but at least some people do actually care about more than your GRE scores (though only slightly).
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