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Music Production

  1. Aug 8, 2012 #1
    Just wondering if anyone else here enjoys producing music?

    I produce electronic music, using Apple's Logic, some of which can be found here. http://soundcloud.com/prane/everythings-mirrors [Broken]

    Also in a prog rock band :)
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    I once accidentally bought a guitar program thingy that turned out it was actually for another program. So I bought that one too as I had already gotten the first one. And then it turns out I needed another one, hugely expensive, that I ended up buying as well. I still have not produced any music.
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    that's a shame you never get into it. It is hugely expensive but it's, in my opinion, one of the most rewarding past times out there
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    I actually studied composition as an undergraduate, hit me up if you'd like to talk music. I am not as familiar with electronic music as I am with acoustic though. I like to explore applications of math to music theory.
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    I tried to learn the guitar, but I have ADHD and I cannot sit still and teach it to myself. I've tried like twice. And the programs were cool, but when you know zilch about music it makes it pretty tough to even do anything. I didn't even know where to start lol.
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    I muddle around in Ableton Live but I mostly mix other people's music =)

    My brother is quite the muso though, he's recently set himself with a rather nice DAW that didn't cost him the earth. Prevoiusly he used Cubase, then Logic, but he's thrown them both to the four winds and is really enjoying this one for it's simplicity and lower CPU requirements (= more tracks!)

    Reaper (DAW ~$60)

    along with

    Native Instruments Komplete (VSTs ~$1000) This was the pricey part, but there are some incredible software instruments in this kit, it's a real keeper.

    and his trusty Nord Lead and Access Virus hardware synthesizers, and a Fender Strat. He churns out some brilliant sounds!
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    I've played around in FL studio. Never studied music or an instrument other than the compulsory classes early on in school, but its a fun way to be creative on a computer.

    Here's some simple compositions I came up with http://soundcloud.com/carrotsnack
    I like to mix instruments of different genres.
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