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Music Reccomendations

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    I'm looking for some mellow stuff. Jazz, Blues, that kind of thing. Any recommendations?
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    It doesn't get any more "mellow" than ambient electronic music.. Look into this stuff; it's awesome. Sample it on DI's Chillout section if you want: www.di.fm.
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    I'm not really into that electronic computer stuff. I like my instruments.
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    Come on! Someone with mature tastes?
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    mmm are you looking for more modern stuff? lyrics or instrumental?
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    Yes, but not exclusively and both.
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    OK, going possibly out of your "box", how about some Italian baroque? I can recommend without hesitation anything and everything by Corelli, especially his string sonata Opus 5.

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    Actually, italian baroque fits perfectly with any occasion or mood.
    Just my opinion, anyway.
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    How about Chuck Mangione.

    You know I've always heard him mentioned on "King of the Hill" as mascot of megalo-mart, but never knew who he was until I listened to one of his songs on a jazz sampler cd. The song was called "Viola" and it was pretty cool jazz.

    Any more jazz recommendations?
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    Chi Meson

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    The turtle Island String Quartet is a very easy to listen to Jazz group. A lot of afficionados dismiss them as being "too easy" to listen to, but those are the kind who listen to music that makes tea curdle.

    If you listen to NPR, you will hear snippets of TISQ during segues.

    While on the subject of NPR segues, another musician that I like (not Jazz) that regularly appears "between stories" is Leo Kottke. I'm not sure if any single album is "great" but you could make a fantastic "collection" of his best works. He's a great guitarist who strddles the lines between classical, folk, and pop. Imagine if Bach tried to play a banjo tune on a 12-string guitar.
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    Check out the Cinematic Orchestra.

    Contemporary jazz. It's absolutely stunning. One of the few things I'd be willing to suggest to someone whose musical tastes I have no idea about is to get onto Amazon right now and buy 'Every Day', I'm certain that you won't be disappointed.

    So certain, in fact, that I've found you a link! https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/...103-0884679-1355038?v=glance&s=music&n=507846

    It's less than US$14 too, that's insanely cheap. I paid that in £s!
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    I think his very first album Six and Twelve String Guitar with the armadillo on the jacket qualifies as "great". I was there, so to speak, when it came out, and people were reccomending it and passing it around exitedly all over the place. It was an original, stunning sound, and accessible to anyone who likes music.

    Then, of course, in later albums, Leo started to sing along with his playing...(bleh!)
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    I would recommend you try the album "Sounddust" first if you do not know any of their music yet.

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    Vince Guaraldi comes to mind. His more famous work includes the music to the Peanuts cartoons. He wrote some really nice stuff.
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    There are several threads on GD with lists of classical music - probably a few months ago.

    I recently listened to "Our Town" (1940) by Aaron Copland (US Composer). Like much of Copland's composition, e.g. Appalacian Spring, it is a beautiful piece of music and very soothing.

    There are many classical pieces from which to choose.

    I agree with Jelfish - Vince Guaraldi is good.

    I second dduardo's recommendation of Chuck Magione and also Chick Corea and his band Return to Forever (jazz-fusion), which included guitarists Earl Klugh and Al DiMeola, bassist Stanley Clarke, among others. Most members of the band have done individual projects or worked with other bands.

    See also Weather Report and Spyro Gyra (Jazz-Pop, Crossover Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Fusion).

    Pat Metheny has some really interesting stuff - jazz guitar.

    Just about anything on the Windham Hill Label - guitarists Will Ackerman and Michael Hedges, and pianist George Winston and Liz Story, and many others play some soft jazz and new age music.

    Windham Hill - http://www.windham.com/index.jsp [Broken]

    See also Narada - http://www.narada.com/

    and Higher Octave - http://www.higheroctave.com/
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    George Benson would fit the OP's bill.
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    Kenny G :tongue2:
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    yeah tangerine dream's 220 volt live is one of my favourite discs
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