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Music recommendation?

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    Can anyone recommend some good symphony orchestra music that would fit well with the construction of a science video? Topics would possibly include evolution, origins of universe, galaxies, history of Earth, etc..

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    Well, Strauss seemed to work pretty well for Stanley Kubrick.
    You might also want to see if you can dig up some old copies of Sagan's Cosmos series from PBS. I seem to recall the music being quite nicely suited to the broadcasts.
    Basically, though, I'd just go with whatever evokes the sort of feelings in you that you want to convey to the audience. Try just listening to a classical station for a few days and jot down the names of the pieces that you like.
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    Plenty suitable music in this thread

    Additional suggestions

    Evolution: Ravel Bolero

    Origine of universe: Smetana Die Moldau

    History of the Earth Edvard Grieg, the Peer Gynt suites

    Several tunes with various moods.

    Note: have no sound on this computer So I hope Youtube is not fooling me
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    Some strong music

    Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1

    Beethoven Violin concerto
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    If you are planning on a presentation that emphasizes the importance of interconnections on these scales, I suggest that you listen to Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. They feature themes that are developed, repeated, inverted, played backward and forward against one another, etc.
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    Does it have to be orchestra music?
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    Not necessarily.

    Also, thanks everyone.
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    Chi Meson

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    If you like solo piano music, you can choose from a number of short catchy pieces from the "Goldberg Variations."

    They have recently remastered Glen Gould's 1951 recording of the variations. They managed to digitally remove his tendency to hum along.
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